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My Background

Dr. Dorothy Thompson received her bachelor's degree in elementary education, master's degree in general administration, and doctorate in educational  leadership with a superintendent endorsement.  


My Experience

 As an educator with over 30 years in education, alcohol and drug prevention and ministry, D. Towns-Thompson and the team of highly qualified professionals have devoted their life and energy to passionately advocate for youth and student safety. Find out how you can contribute to support the efforts with your time and resources. 


Travel Experiences

There are experiences that allow us to immerse ourselves in the work that we care about and see places we want to enjoy.  We Visited the Caribbean; Ghana, West Africa on a missionary trip, and we walked in the steps of Jesus and Paul.


Educational Consultant


NAD Thompson and Associates provides the following services:

1. Student Safety Training and Workshop for teachers, staff, and administrators.

2.  Senate Bill 100 Compliance - Identifying alternatives to suspension related to bullying, cyberbullying, etc. for teachers, staff, administrators, and parents.

3. Positive Parent Support and Student Awareness Workshops.

Travel Consultant


I offer consultation services on travel that include preparing travel packages as requested, locating the best accommodations based on your input and budget, advising prospective clients about amenities that meet your needs, while providing value added quality where available and direct clients to sites to compare prices.

 "We  want to help you visit some of the places that you dream about but have not had an opportunity to see for yourself. "  

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